Audience Builder Plans

What is your annual volume of page views? 


£450 per month
  • Unlimited Customer Profiles

    Up to 10 Million Annual Page Views​
  • 10 Transaction Audiences

    5 Hybrid Audiences

  • Export to:

    Google Ads


£500 per month
  • Unlimited Customer Profiles

    Up to 10 Million Annual Page Views​
  • 20 Transaction Audiences

    10 Hybrid Audiences

    5 Behavioural Audiences
  • Export to everything in Bronze plus:



£550 per month
  • Unlimited Customer Profiles

    Up to 10 Million Annual Page Views​
  • 100 Transaction Audiences

    50 Hybrid Audiences

    20 Behavioural Audiences
  • Export to everything in Silver plus:


*All prices are exclusive of VAT

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Audience Builder Plans FAQ

Lots! The table above is designed to help highlight the differences between the plans but all our plans come with:


  • Daily audience refresh
  • Access to all data sources (Google Analytics, Historical Uploads and Website API)
  • Full insight suite access
  • 18 Months of data retention

Security, GDPR and support

  • Full project encryption
  • GDPR self-serve tools
  • Guided setup assistance
  • Email and remote support

Yes! If you don’t see what you are looking for, feel free to contact the team and we can build a bespoke offer for you.

As we connect to your website directly, the amount of data we receive and process is highly correlated with the number of page views your website has. 

We measure page views as defined in Google Analytics (UA or GA4). This also makes it readily available so that you can accurately determine the platform costs and make the case for ROI improvement. 

We use estimated annual page views (rather than the actual recorded by month) so that you have a consistent cost and don’t need to worry about it inflating if you are having a good month. 

Simply contact our support team to cancel your account at any time. Your access and notice period can be found in our membership T&Cs or your contract with us.

Yes. Simply contact support, and we can change your plan as your needs change subject to any terms and conditions found in the membership T&Cs or your contract.

Each Extension is priced individually based on the complexity and data volume concerned. If you are interested in using Extensions, please contact us and we can provide a bespoke quote.

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