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Custom audiences for
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We create high performing custom audiences for paid advertising that are bigger, refresh more often and can be shared with your extended team without risking any personal data exposure.

Start using your data as a competitive advantage seamlessly and securely.

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Transform your
paid media with better data

We specialise in maximising the performance of your data for paid media and are dedicated to this. Our audiences are:

  • 75% bigger (on average)
  • Match off email and phone number
  • Refresh daily

Allowing your advertising to get the performance boost it deserves. 

How it works

1. Connect Your Data

Connect to your analytics data in seconds to unlock all data you already have and place a tag on site to synchronise customer data and consent management. 

2. Create Your Audiences

Create audiences in seconds based on the behaviours and shopping habits you have recorded. 

3. Export with One Click

Export to your advertising platform of choice with a single click and it will refresh each day automatically. 

Hurdle free implementation

Connect to your website without needing developers

Thirty-One Circles is compatible with all back-end infrastructure and can be implemented as easily as an advertising pixel. 

With single-click connections to your major channels, get up and running in minutes.

Extend your possibilities

With our bespoke extension, audiences reach beyond the platform:

  • Use the Audience Builder as a data clean room
  • Connect to your offline or siloed data
  • Deploy complex audience definitions 
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Key Benefits

Performance boosts

75% Bigger Audiences

Our platform builds audiences based off the customer's website cookie consent rather than CRM opt-in. This results in an average of 75% more opt-in customers than traditional approaches, while being more GDPR compliant. Meaning bigger audiences and better results. 

Leverage the Recency Effect

Our platform synchronizes your audiences daily, so that you can capitalise while your audience is fresh and the response rate is likely to be at its highest. 

Better Match Rates

We export audiences based off multiple identifiers rather than just hashed emails. This advanced approach allows for enhanced match rates and more audience scale in platform. 

Unlocking insights

Lifetime Value

Create and analyse audiences based off lifetime value. Understand more of the true picture with our Lifetime Value Trend and see if an audience is increasing or decreasing in lifetime value

Audience Overlap

Being aware of the overlap in audiences is crucial to making the right marketing choices so that a user is not over or under exposed to your ads. Do this in seconds in our platform and make better strategic decisions.

Audience Comparison

Compare and contrast the differences between your audience segments with ease, so that you can understand what is most important to each, and tailor your advertising accordingly.

Improving the status quo

Unlock your existing data​

We connect and extend the power of your existing data, so there are no cold starts, no learning periods, no silos, just advertising potential in your hands.

Improve your compliance

We track your website opt-ins in real time and update your audiences automatically to reflect this. Ensuring you are always using compliant data. Our advanced user permissions allow you to restrict personal data exports while empowering audience usage to more of the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! In fact we help our customers improve on their own compliance by using our platform to help manage consent. If you have a GDPR question we have our full data processing agreement here, or feel free to contact us using the form on the website

You can get started in minutes by connecting our platform to your existing data with just a few clicks. 

To keep audiences up to date there is a small code snippet that needs to be placed on your website (or in your tag management solution) by your developers and then away you go! 

Unlike cookies, we send hashed email and phone numbers rather than anonymous cookie IDs to build your audiences. These are much more stable identifiers (as cookies don’t stay on devices long if they are set at all) and provide a great way to target more of your known customers over a longer period of time on more devices and more channels. (We still think cookies are great for targeting unknown site visitors.)

Running both a cookie audience and Thirty-One Circles audiences is the best practice to reach as many people as possible. 

Thirty-One Circles is the evolution of CRM list targeting and is much more optimised for paid media so that you get more performance from the same customers. Unlike CRM lists, our opt-in audiences are bigger, have greater segmentation options, integrate automatically and give you the most up-to-date data. 

Thirty-One Circles has many of the attributes of a CDP however, it is focused on getting the maximum return for your investment for paid media and so is optimised towards audience activation rather than doing “everything for everyone”. This means you get all the performance from a CDP with a fraction of the cost and makes advanced audience segmentation and the ROI boost from this accessible to every advertiser. 

We have one-click integrations with:

Data Sources:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics 4 (Big Query and API)

Audience Destinations:

  • Meta
  • Google Ads
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok

We also accept CSV imports to backdate any data you need and can create custom connections just for you. Please  contact us to find out more.

Looking for CRM platforms or your web platform provider? Thirty-One Circles connects to the front end of your website rather than your CRM or website tech stack. This means Thirty-One Circles works with all tech stacks and CRMs to give you more flexibility while boosting your audience-building capabilities. 

No! We update your data using the latest APIs so that your learning phase is not reset when we update the audience. 

Yes! The platform is all based around stable first-party data so provides an answer to audience targeting after third-party cookies.

The Audience Builder has been built from the ground up to meet and surpass industry standards of security and data compliance. If you are looking for more information, please review this page or feel free to contact the team to answer your specific questions.
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