A/B Testing A/B testing is one of the best ways to determine the impact of your advertising is having. This form of testing can be used to see the effect of different creative messaging or overall impact of advertising so is applicable to many situations. The basic approach is dividing your audience into two (or […]

Website API Implementation Why: The Website API is a crucial step in setting up your Thirty-One Circles account. The API provides three pieces of information to the platform User identifiers (email/phone number) Consent information ID identifiers (Google Analytics User ID / Transaction ID) By getting this information simultaneously, we can then use this as a

Recommended Access Control Settings Thirty-One Circles access control system is designed to give you complete control over where your data flows and how it is used. We recommend that you set up access to the platform using the “principle of least privilege” this is security terminology for only providing access to what users need rather […]

Linking Sign Ups This is an advanced feature and is not enabled by default. Please contact support@thirtyonecircles.com if you would like to activate sign up linking on your project.  In most cases it is possible to link analytics data to users by passing user details either beside a transaction ID or shared user ID. In […]

Linking GA4 Big Query Data Why: Connecting Thirty-One Circles to your GA4 data in Big Query is the best data source to build audiences from. Exporting your GA data to Big Query is quick and easy to set up from the admin menu of Google Analytics, the export provides granular information about every event on […]

Extensions – Expanding the possible Extensions allow for bespoke audience creation, even if these go beyond the standard platform interface, with our team creating unique audience definition statements to match your needs. The three primary use cases are: To define audiences from your standard data sources that are so complex that they can’t be done

Data Processing Factsheet How your customer data is processed and held is a critical component in a privacy-conscious world. At Thirty-One Circles we do everything possible to add trust and transparency to this process, below is a quick factsheet on how we process and hold your data.  Data Location We process and store all data […]

Providing Hashed Data Hashing is a form of one-way encryption, meaning once data is hashed, there is no way back to its raw form. If the data is “hashed” using the same method, it will always produce the same result, allowing you to safely transfer data to advertising platforms (like Meta) while lowering the risk […]

Uploading CRM Audience Data Quick Start Audience Creation Best Practice Why: Uploading CRM data allows you to create audiences based on your historical transactions, not just those transactions that happened after Thirty-One Circles was implemented. This means you can get started with larger audiences faster, and is our best practice process when setting up