Data Processing Factsheet

How your customer data is processed and held is a critical component in a privacy-conscious world. At Thirty-One Circles we do everything possible to add trust and transparency to this process, below is a quick factsheet on how we process and hold your data. 

Data Location

We process and store all data using a combination of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud (GCP). While using these services we localise all our services to the UK.

Data Encryption

Data is encrypted at rest and in transit throughout the data architecture we use. If you choose to send raw, not hashed, data we will immediately normalise and hash this before storing it in our databases. However,  please note the data in the original request will be present in our log files for up to two weeks. 

On top of hashing and our cloud encryption, we also add unique encryption to each account so that even hashed records are protected. Keeping your data safe and secure at all times. 

Data Retention

Each account on Thirty-One Circles has a customisable data retention window. 

  • The default retention window is 547 days 

We check for expired data every 30 days and remove any that have exceeded this period. We advise viewing the data default data retention as 584 days [ 547 (window) + 30 (evaluation time) + 7 (backups) ].

The retention window will delete all website analytics data before this point and any customer records which we have not received any new information for since before the retention cut-off. 

NOTE: If using the "GA4 / Big Query" connection, this uses a daily synchronisation process with your source data. If data beyond the Thirty-One Circles retention window is in your source data after we have removed it, this data will be re-downloaded the next day. We advise enforcing the same retention window on this data as is set in Thirty-One Circles. 

If you would like to change your retention window, please reach out to support. 

Backups and Retention

All the data we store is backed up with our cloud providers. 

  • Log files of processing are held for two weeks
  • Databases of customer data are held for one week

More questions?

Contact our support team at who are always ready to offer advice and assistance.